Boat Inspector Jacksonville – Ask for The Following When Buying a Boat

Are you interested in buying a used boat? If you are, you are making a good choice. This is because the boat will not be as impacted by depreciation as a brand new boat. You will also get a bigger boat for a fraction of the cost. However, not every pre-owned vessel is worth buying. Some are in terrible condition. That is why you should always involve an experienced boat inspector Jacksonville trusts for a thorough inspection. An inspector will be able to bring to light all the issues the boat has, its fair market value and if it is perfect for your intended use.

In addition to working with a boat inspector Jacksonville, there are a couple of things you will need to ask for from the seller. They include the following.

Proof of seaworthiness

A common mistake buyers make is buying a boat simply because it looks good. Some even go to the extent of not involving a marine surveyor simply because the seller gave them their word that the boat is in perfect condition. Before you settle for a boat, ask the seller for proof of seaworthiness. If you are buying a large boat, the seller should be able to provide you with a current certificate of seaworthiness. This is because large boats must have this certificate before they can be sold. The case is the same if you wish to use the boat for charters. However, in most cases, the seller does not need to provide you with this certificate. You simply need to get a marine survey done.

Proof of loan repayment

Are you planning on buying a boat that has a loan on it? If you are, make sure the seller provides you with proof of loan repayment. The seller should be able to provide you with a clear plan as well as ensure liens are released before the transfer of ownership. If you are uneasy, accompany the seller to the loan provider and ask a delegated employee to explain the process. Some sellers use the money from the sale to clear their loans. If this is the plan, discuss this with the loan provider and ensure the seller is being honest with his plans.

Ask for a receipt

Last but not least, it is imperative that you get a receipt from the seller. The receipt should include the invoice number, specific boat model, VIN and other vessel information. A receipt serves as proof that you have paid the seller for the boat. Receipts, further, make tax documentation easier.

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