Boat Inspection Jacksonville – Tests You Should Do Before Calling in a Marine Surveyor

Working with a marine surveyor offers the best way to avoid investing in a doomed boat. However, this does not mean you call in a surveyor each time you find a boat that interests you. This is because it costs money to hire a marine surveyor. Additionally, you will be required to pay a down payment before you are allowed to perform a boat inspection Jacksonville. To avoid spending a lot of money on surveyors, you should learn how to perform some tests. It is only after a boat passes the following tests that you should go ahead with the hiring of a boat surveyor.

Look for cracks

You definitely don’t want to spend money on a boat that is in terrible condition. You want to get value for your money. One way of doing this is making sure the boat you are after is in mint condition. While some cracks are purely cosmetic, there are others that indicate serious problems. For example, if you see spider cracks, chances are they are only on the surface and will not impact the condition of the boat. However, if the cracks are longer than two inches, you will have to bring in a boat surveyor for a thorough boat inspection Jacksonville.

Check the oil

The condition of the oil tells a lot about the engine. Start by pulling the dipstick. Does it have a burnt smell? If it does, then that boat requires a more professional inspection. A burnt smell indicates that the engine is burning oil and this may forecast a burnt motor. Additionally, if the oil looks milky, chances are water is getting in the engine. This is a sign of serious trouble. If the oil is black, it means it has not been changed or is of the wrong viscosity. This may indicate poor maintenance has been done on the boat.

Inspect for damages

Take a look around the exterior of the boat. You should look for the following:

  • Loose screws, parts or attachments
  • Damaged lights
  • Floorboards that are lifting
  • Visible swelling or puckering
  • Missing or broken pieces

While most of the above issues are not alarming, you have to get a professional inspection if you are concerned. An experienced boat surveyor in Jacksonville will let you know if any of the issues you found need closer attention.

Performing the above tests will keep you from wasting time and money on a doomed vessel. If you are still convinced the boat is worth buying after completing the above tests, you can then go ahead and call in a marine surveyor.

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