Who Typically Pays for a Boat Survey – Marine Survey Costs Explained

The main question first-time boat buyers ask is this: who typically pays for a boat survey? The answer is the person who hires the surveyor. Both a potential boat buyer and a boat owner can hire a marine surveyor. The surveyor only works for the person that hires them. This means when you hire a surveyor when buying a boat, the surveyor will not report anything to the seller. They will be working for you thus the reason you are the person that pays for their services. This is unless there is a special situation like where the seller agrees to pay for the surveyor you hire.

How much does a survey cost?

A thorough Jacksonville marine survey is a good idea for boat buyers of both new and used boats. Expect to pay between $500 and $1000 on average for a survey of the majority of recreational boats. The cost of a survey varies depending on a number of factors that we will address below. Even though the prices of a marine survey could appear high, especially if you are considering buying several boats and want to study each one separately, they are probably a very minor portion of the overall purchase price.

Which factors impact the cost of a marine survey?

The price of a boat survey will be greatly influenced by the length of the boat. Simply put, it takes longer to appraise a larger boat, so the surveyor will charge more. Additionally, larger ships typically have more systems on board. All onboard systems will have their functionality evaluated by a competent surveyor, who will also make recommendations for remedying any problems they uncover. All the problems found will be photographed and the photos will be included in the survey report.

A haul-out is a further element that many boaters, both buyers and sellers, overlook when budgeting for a survey. To accurately evaluate the state of a boat’s hull and running gear that is maintained in the water, a haul out at a nearby boatyard may be required. There are no simple words to describe how expensive haul-outs are. Boatyards often bill by the foot. The rates fall in the neighborhoods of $10 per foot.

As you think about who typically pays for a boat survey, you must understand that the survey is not just for used boats. Even new boats have things that are amiss. Working with a competent marine surveyor in Jacksonville will save you from a lot of headaches.

Who Typically Pays for a Boat Survey