The Science of Safety: How Marine Boat Surveys Detect Structural Issues

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The Science of Safety: How Marine Boat Surveys Detect Structural Issues

are invaluable tools to help boat owners understand the condition of their vessels. By using a professional surveyor’s eye, you can detect structural issues and hidden dings without making a huge financial commitment. At Sun Coast Marine Surveying, we are experienced in hailing and conducting surveys, and we have seen first-hand how important they can be. Through careful examination and analysis of its components, can provide an overall picture of a boat’s safety and give peace of mind to its owner.

When cruising on the sea, your boat’s safety should be paramount. To make sure your vessel is seaworthy, it’s necessary to conduct inspections and assess the boat’s structural integrity as well as its equipment periodically. That is why marine surveys are so important — they reveal possible issues that could present a danger while out at sea. At Sun Coast Marine Surveying, our team provides high quality surveys that cover every aspect of your craft’s condition.

A surveyor can check for damage from all sorts of sources including storms, collisions, age, incorrect use or installation of parts, wear and tear, corrosion, and more. Once any problem areas are identified, the surveyor can recommend what repairs need to be made to make sure the boat is safe to sail.

It’s important to note that many insurance companies will require a marine survey prior to issuing a policy. It’s also worth mentioning that authorities like the United States Coast Guard may request to see a marine survey when boarding a vessel for inspection. A marine survey provides a third-party opinion about the boat’s condition and can clear up any confusion regarding the safety compliances of the boat in question.

At Sun Coast Marine Surveying, our team is trained to identify problems and make recommendations for fixes. Our team members understand every nook and cranny of a boat’s interior and exterior which means they know what to look for when completing a survey. We analyze each Marine Survey meticulously, thinking through each procedure in order to create a comprehensive report outlining any discrepancies or concerns found during the survey. The reports can vary in length based on the size and condition of the boat being surveyed but they always include our findings in detail.

Apart from inspecting mechanical and electrical systems, we also take into account the composition of hull material including fiberglass, steel, aluminum, wood-composite materials and more. We pay particular attention to items such as hull thickness measurements and core samples while running tests for blisters and osmosis testing in gelcoats in order to ensure that your boat is free from these common defects.

In some instances, more extensive evaluations may be needed and more rigorous measures may be required. Sun Coast Marine Surveying has the capabilities and experience to perform non-destructive testing such as ultrasound testing in addition to more traditional tests like moisture meters and voltage checks.

Ultimately, marine surveys can help boaters stay safe by providing them with a realistic view of their boats’ condition so they can plan ahead for repairs if necessary. Whether you own a small fishing boat or luxurious yacht, having a professional marine survey from Sun Coast Marine Surveying is essential for ensuring your craft’s safety for years to come.r

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