Precision and Perfection: Standards and Protocols in Marine Boat Surveying

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Precision and Perfection: Standards and Protocols in Marine Boat Surveying

When evaluating the condition of a boat, precision and perfection are essential elements of any successful marine survey. At Sun Coast , we understand how vital it is that our work meets the highest standards possible. The procedures we use in conducting surveys of boats and other vessels follow certain protocols and guidelines for accuracy and detail. Doing so enables us to provide a comprehensive assessment of watercraft condition. It also ensures each one of our surveys is uniform and consistent.

The process for surveying vessels begins with a thorough review of area conditions such as local tides, weather, and depths of nearby waters. This preparatory step helps determine what type and scope of marine survey is needed. Some surveys simply include an overall evaluation of the vessel; others may entail much more detailed inspection.

Next, the Sun Coast team evaluates the hull and deck structure, including any connections, caulking, fastenings, and structures such as engine beds. We check for damage, rot, corrosion, or areas requiring repair or replacement. Our team also inspects all interior spaces, decks, locker lockers, bulkheads, built-in furniture, cabinets, floors, ceilings, and bulkheads for invasiveness or defects. Any appliances or systems we assess during our marine surveys include engines, electrical installations, stoves, pumps, and plumbing. Our team will test all aspects of these components to verify they are functioning correctly and meet specifications.

External components we evaluate during our boat surveys include anchor windlasses, rudders, shafts, props, outdrives, trim tabs, struts, bow thrusters, fuel tanks, masts and rigging, canvaswork, life rafts, and navigation lights. As necessary or desired by the client, Sun Coast Marine Surveys can perform underwater inspections that often require a diver with specific expertise. In addition to ocean vessels, our team has experience surveying lake craft and fresh water boats.

Once the data collection part of our survey is completed, our professionals use their expertise to assess materials used in the boat’s construction, investigate items such as metallurgic testing (when appropriate), and compile comments regarding current market value. All this information is documented in an extensive report produced by Sun Coast Marine Surveys and provided to the client.

The work we do at Sun Coast Marine Surveys is based on meticulous attention to detail and adherence to stringent guidelines. The results are marine surveys that fulfill our mission of providing clients with accurate assessments of vessel conditions they can trust. As people in the industry know well—good marine surveys demand precision and perfection!

At Sun Coast Marine Surveys we take pride in delivering superior quality marine surveys that you can rely on when making important decisions about your watercraft. Visit us online today to learn more about our services at

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