How Much Does It Cost to Put a Boat in Survey in Jacksonville?

Given how expensive a yacht survey can cost, some people might not be aware of its importance. According to experts, a Jacksonville marine survey will provide you piece of mind that comes with knowing that the boat you are buying is in good condition.

In order to adequately inspect the boat from bottom to top, from the hull up to the deck, it must be hauled out of the water. The boat’s electrical system, engine, fuel tank, deck system, plumbing, steering control, and any other safety equipment will be examined.

At the end of the boat survey, the surveyor must submit a thorough report that includes the data required by the US Coastguards. The survey will also discuss prospective issues that the boat might run into in light of its current state or the overall history of that particular vessel. But how much does it cost to put a boat in survey? Below are the average costs of a boat surveys depending on the type of survey.

  • Pre-Purchase Condition and Value Survey

Whether you are buying a brand-new boat or a used one, the pre-purchase boat survey is advised. This includes a thorough examination of the boat’s mechanical condition and engine operation. It is the most comprehensive type of boat survey. On average, this type of survey will cost between $22 to $26 per foot.

  • Insurance Survey

For the purpose of boat insurance, a survey is done on vessels to ascertain their value and condition. The boat’s components that need to be inspected should match those demanded by the insurance company. An insurance survey also offers comprehensive details regarding the boat’s physical state and the materials used to construct it. Operational evaluation or engine condition are not necessary for this kind of survey. The cost for an insurance survey is about $18 to $22 per foot.

  • Appraisal Inspection

This helps determine the market worth of the boat. The survey’s results can also be used in legal proceedings related to estate settlement, funding, contributions, and other matters. With this kind of survey, you might need a budget of about $300 base price in addition to the surveyor’s hourly fee.

  • Damage Inspection and Survey

To ascertain the vessel’s current state, an insurance firm might request a survey. The survey is done to make sure the boat is fit for a lengthy voyage and see if any components, such as the canvas or the windows, need to be replaced. A damage survey is requested when a boat has been involved in an accident. The following are some potential costs to think about:

  • Expert fee: The price can be $1,200 for a full day examination.
  • Collision analysis. Without factoring in the surveyor’s hourly rate, the average cost of this service is $250.
  • Consultation: $150 per hour.

Answering the question of how much does it cost to put a boat in survey requires making various consideration. Hopefully this post has answered the question sufficiently.

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