How Long Does a Boat Survey Last for Insurance in Jacksonville –Factors to Learn About

Whether you are insuring a vessel for business or pleasure, you will be required to submit an insurance survey. The survey report’s goal is to assist the insurer in accurately assessing the state of your boat so that they can provide a reasonable insurance policy. The question “How long does a boat survey last for insurance in Jacksonville ” is one that almost all boat owners ask. Since there are many variables that affect the duration, it is hard to give a single conclusive answer to this question. Here are the key factors that affect the duration.

Size, type, and complexity of the boat

It goes without saying that vessels that are more complicated and larger often take longer to survey. This is for the simple fact that they have more locations and systems to be inspected. Additionally, different types of vessels have distinctive systems and features that could necessitate inspection with specialized tools and skills.

When you own a sophisticated vessel, your insurance provider will provide you with a considerably longer list of things that must be inspected.  As you would have imagined, your marine surveyor is the best person to provide a response to the question “How long does a boat survey last for insurance in Jacksonville?” Based on the requirements of your preferred insurer, the marine surveyor will be able to give a prediction on how long the survey will take.


As aforementioned, your insurer will provide a list of the things that must be inspected. You must be aware that some of the items on the list may be in locations that are harder to reach such as the bilge. This will make the work of a surveyor harder. To access these locations, the surveyor might need to employ specialist equipment or bring in an expert to disassemble components. As a result of this, the survey can take longer.

Condition of the boat

How long a survey takes will depend on the vessel’s general condition. For instance, the survey might be completed faster if the vessel is well-maintained and has no serious problems. On the other hand, the survey could take longer if there are substantial flaws or problems to be addressed. When your vessel is not properly maintained or is in poor condition, insurance brokers will present a lengthier list of items that need to be reported on in the marine survey.

Competence of the marine surveyor

Last but not least, how long a survey lasts will be determined by the surveyor’s qualifications and expertise. The surveyors that have more experience will be able to complete the survey more quickly. This is due to the fact that they have more experience surveying vessels like yours. The inspection may take longer for surveyors with less expertise because they will spend more time researching and occasionally depending on trial and error.

How Long Does a Boat Survey Last for Insurance